Direct circulation system

The direct circulation drilling method can be used for drilling operation up to high depth with medium and small diameters (152-444 mm) and can be used for both rocky and loose soils.

The mud pump pumps the drilling fluid inside the drilling pipes and make it ascend again to the surface between the wall of the hole and the drill pipes, along with the debris, produced by the rock bit.

During this process, the drilling fluid can also function as cooling and lubricating system for the bit.

The debris, brought to the surface, are mechanically separated from the fluid, allowing the fluid itself to restart the cycle without problems.

For this drilling system, the basic steps are:

  • Preparation of settling and recycling tanks.
  • Liquid preparation with appropriate mixtures.
  • Size decision for the system and the mud pump.
  • Choice of tools and drill pipes, according to power of the pump, diameter of the hole, depth and type of soil.

The Massenza drilling rigs can work at any depth with this system easily and without any difficulty. Thanks to their adaptability, the rigs manufacturer by the Italian company, based in Parma, which operates in the sector since 1921, can drill with direct circulation method for several applications: water wells, mineral exploration, seismic, geotechnical, geothermal, consolidations and foundations.

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